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YB-ML upcoming performances

2014. szeptember 24. 20.00  Barnes Crossing, Köln
2014. október 14. 19.30  Régi Zsinagóga, Szeged
2014. október 15. 20.00 Bakelit Multi Art Center 

Roos van Berkel (NL) & Gyula Berger (HU)
Your body – My landscape

Every day consists of numerous encounters – and occasionally one of those encounters stirs something inside of you. 
Turmoil. A feeling that excites, confuses and fascinates. After our first dance encounter, we decided to work with the 
dynamic plurality of ‘turmoil’. To find out what caused the commotion we felt for each other as people. 

We create an intimate atmosphere that resonates with recognition 
and agreement versus misunderstanding and friction. 

‘Your body – My landscape’ is the first choreographic collaboration between 
Gyula Berger (Hungary) and Roos van Berkel (The Netherlands).