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Spend a wonderful week dancing with lovely people in beautiful Budapest.

Where: ZeroPlus Dance Studio, 1027 Budapest, Jurányi u. 1. HUNGARY
When: 30 July - 5 August, 2018
Deadline for applications: 30th of June, 2018

In order to participate you have to register by sending your short bio in an email to 
and by transferring the fee of at least one course. Information on the bank transfer will be specified in a reply-email. 

The courses will start with the registration of at least 5 people. 
We care about you so please do not buy your air ticket or train ticket and don't trasfer money until you receive the confirmation of the event from us. 
The maximum number of participants for each course is 15.

30 July - 3 August (5 days)

9.30-11.00 Body Awareness Dance - Heléna Hrotkó 
11.15-12.45 Contemporary Dance - Boglárka Lakatos-Varga
14.00-16.00 Physical on Stage - Carlos Rodero (ESP)
16.15-17.45 Pilates - Miklós Csordás

Fee for all 4 courses paid before or on the 30th of June: 135 EUR
Fee for all 4 courses paid after the 30th of June: 155 EUR

4-5 August (2 days)

9.30-10.50 Sense of Spontaneity - Tímea Kovács
11.00-14.15 Floating Movement - Marco Di Nardo (ITA)
15.00-16.30 Pilates - Miklós Csordás

Fee for all 3 courses paid before or on the 30th of June: 68 EUR
Fee for all 3 course paid after the 30 of June: 77 EUR

It is possible to customize your training program. For detailed information on single course fees please write to

The workshops provide an insight into the approach of our year-long training program starting in September, 2018 and they can also serve as preparatory courses. 

Description of the courses

The aim of the classes is to awaken and develop our body awareness. We can explore and understand our anatomy through developing a new kind of attention and a movement rise from it. We often work in pair or in groups; we use the touch a lot as a tool to give space to each other and to guide our focus.
The work is principally based on the Body-Mind Centering school (Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, USA); We also work with other body awareness techniques like Experiential Anatomy and Sensible Dance.

The classes start on the floor based on releasing the muscles and breathing. We warm up by rolling, climbing, crawling, sliding and swinging whilst mapping the basic body connections. The lesson continues with standing exercises. These will use the possibilities of the spine and the relation of the gravity and the axis of the body. By the end of the course the participants can also learn a combination in which the aforementioned will be utilised.

Theatre training based on exercises that generate creative answers from the dancers to concrete scenic issues and explore their skills and limits. The results could be subject to a deeper treatment. A work that prompts and fosters the needs from the artists and its own world possibilities as well as explores the borders between dance and theatre.

It is a course for dancers to strengthen and align the whole body incorporating functional stability. Students will learn fundamental principles of the Pilates method like control, precision and using breath to support movement. 

Does spontaneous movement exist at all? Or is movement always - as defined physiologically - a response to stimuli? Are we in a constantly altering conscious-unconscious dialog with our environment? Is it possible to observe such dialogue? How do experiences shape our dance?The goal of the class is to follow our actual interests in movement, through which creativity and cooperation with the group can find us. 

The class is addressed to anyone that has experience contemporary dance or urban style. The aim is to build a very high & amp dynamic energy. We will learn choreographies in which we will apply the elements we passed through during the class, where each one of us will add his own personality and movement quality to express himself individually.

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