Zéró Balett / Zero Ballet



„I took the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” (Robert Frost) 

During its five year history, Zero Ballet Contemporary Company and ZeroPlus Dance Studio have merged Western and Eastern traditions within their artistic and educational philosophies, methods and techniques. “Zero”, as understood by Hindu gurus, is more than a number; it stands as the symbol of anything and everything, the starting point, the nucleus of everything that follows. Thus, “Zero” is the point of transformation: negative numbers become positive, the virtual becomes real. This process of transformation is the creation itself. Our artists attempt to reveal the hidden by linking the spiritual to the material. "Ballet" acknowledges a respect for Western tradition. However, as seen in our performances, we take risks and go beyond comfortable borders to take the road less travelled . . . or not taken at all. 

ZeroPlus Dance Studio functions as a school specializing in somatic activities. We ask our students to begin a spiritual quest to uncover their inner selves. The methods may vary - contact improvisation, different body awareness techniques, release technique, Hatha yoga, dance therapy, and classical ballet - but our messages are consistent: discover yourself and the other, attend to the other, be conscious of your presence, relax, create. 

Our company is composed of young dancers and choreographers skilled in leaving their personal comfort zones to experiment across personal boundaries in a deep and self-critical manner. Our repertoire is diverse. We have performances which are set in the digital interspace and play with digital language interactively through the participation of the audience; this is especially popular with the young. We have offered humorous show with a choir critiquing partnerships, 'grotesque' sketches with live music which examine an individual's place in society. 

We want to understand our existence, to uncover the reasons we choose to live. We see our goal as that of raising substantial questions. As for finding the answer, we leave this task for our public.