Physical on Stage / Fizikalitás a színpadon

PHYSICAL on STAGE is a Physical Theatre Workshop for dancers included in the Zeroplusz Contemporary Dance Training Program for the first trimester during 10 September - 19 December, 2018

This workshop taught by Carlos Rodero will introduce Physical Theatre Techniques applied to Contemporary Dancers & Choreographers with the aim to explore and increase their initiative and creativity and the chance to use them within a frame of an alternative production. A training based on exercises that generates creative answers from the dancers to concrete scenic issues and explore their skills and limits. The results could be subject to a deeper treatment. A work that prompts and fosters the needs from the artists and its own world possibilities as well as explores the borders between dance and theatre.

UNIT I [September] - [Un]Masking the Body
UNIT II [October] - The Physical Object
UNIT III [Nov-Dec] - The Physical Word

When: Wednesdays from 9.15 to 10.45
Where: ZeroPlus Dance Studio, 1027 Budapest, Jurányi u. 1. first floor
Maximum 10 participants

For the whole period [15 weeks] 27.000 HUF

For information, discounts, inscriptions and for further details please contact [Berger Gyula]

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