’From the simple into the complex: choreography as if you're cooking (all levels)

Roos van Berkel (NL)
From the simple into the complex: choreography as if you're cooking (for all levels)

How we can create choreography by breaking down and building up (any) movement? 
And treat the creative process like cooking with different ingredients? 

We will begin each session of the workshop with a movement exploration and warm-up focused on efficiency and simplicity. 
We proceed by taking some basic ingredients from the warm-up to create your own movement sequence. 
Using LMA* as a choreographic tool to explore and ‘spice up’ the use of the body, space, dynamics and form, 
we will dive into the many interesting possibilities that reside within movement that seems very simple at first sight. 

We will end with different choreographic ‘recipes’ that you can take home to continue cooking. 

The workshop welcomes dancers/movers from all levels. 

*Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analysis

Roos van Berkel (CMA) is a dancer and choreographer specialized in Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analysis. After her studies in London and New York, she moved to Amsterdam to teach and create work from there. 
Her broad interest lead Roos to working with technology, acrobatics, science and mime corporel. 

Roos performed her work at various digital art and art&technology festivals in The Netherlands: E-Pulse, STRP and Discovery festival. Other festivals include Museum Night Amsterdam and the Gent Light Festival (BE). 
She created the duet ‘2 of a kind’ with a humanoid robot, ‘Your body – My landscape’ with Hungarian choreographer Gyula Berger and the brain choreography ‘(un)focussed’ with composer Ivo Bol and scientist/artist Alberto Novello. Since 2008 she teaches at the Amsterdam University of the Arts and the 
Eindhoven University of Technology. Internationally she has taught workshops in 
Belgium, Germany, Finland, Austria, United Kingdom and Hungary.