Your body – My landscape

is a choreographic collaboration between 
Gyula Berger (Hungary) and Roos van Berkel (The Netherlands). 

Turmoil: to feel touched

Turmoil: movement, commotion, consternation, swell, bustle, unrest, revolt, 
excitement, perturbation, restlessness, disruption, alarm, confusion, turbulence. 

Every day consists of numerous encounters – you pass each other on the street, exchange a brief chat at the cash register and 
rub past each other’s body while getting on the train during rush hour. And occasionally one of those encounters stirs something inside 
of you. Turmoil. A feeling that excites, confuses and fascinates. A sensation that makes you reach out your hand and to look 
back when walking away. 

After our first dance encounter, we decided to take the term ‘turmoil’ as a departure point for this duet. We wanted to take a walk 
and find out what caused the commotion that we felt for each other as people. We explore an emotion that is visible. 
A physical action that emanates from sensation. 

Turmoil. One word with a dynamic plurality of meaning. We create an intimate atmosphere that resonates 
with recognition and agreement versus misunderstanding and friction. 

From soft touch to hard repellence. 

Mutual world:
 'Your body - My landscape' deals with the adventure that lies within all relationships - a personal love story about the discovery of 
the other and ourselves. The harmonic duet suddenly gets filled with a new dynamic that contains an everyday-like tension and confrontation. They alternatively tame and infuriate each other but rather than fighting with their partner, they fight with themselves'. 
Review from Sunday paper: Vasárnapi Hírek, written by Orsolya Bálint


‘Your body – A landscape’ : observing, showing, experiencing…

During this workshop series, Gyula Berger and Roos van Berkel will perceive the moving body as a dynamic landscape. 
As the same movement exploration can be observed and experienced from different perspectives, the moving body will become a dynamic, multi-layered structure that is always open for change of perspective. As teachers, this choreographic duo will connect Gyula’s extensive and diverse knowledge of dance and movement to Roos’s methodology with Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analysis.


Roos van Berkel

Roos van Berkel teaches, performs and creates own work in Holland since 2008. She has been educated as a contemporary dance theatre performer at Laban London and continued to study Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analysis at LIMS New York. When she graduated from LIMS, Roos returned to Europe in 2006. After performing in two productions in Cologne (DE), she permanently moved back to The Netherlands in 2008. There she accepted a teaching position at the Theaterschool in Amsterdam as well as a university lecturer and project coach position at the Eindhoven University of Technology at the faculty of Industrial Design. Current choreographic work by Roos are the audio-visual installation ‘Sovi’ and a short film project with a humanoid from the faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the TU/e. 

As a freelance performer, Roos has been working with Close-Act Theatre since 2008. Close-Act is one of the biggest outdoor visual theatre companies of The Netherlands which tours internationally on a regular basis.  

‘Dancerail’ Interactive light installation: 
‘SOVI’ Interactive audio-visual installation:

Gyula Berger in Purple desert - Cserk£ti Gyîrgy photo+

Gyula Berger 
has been making work in Hungary for the past 25 years. He entered the Hungarian dance scene in 1984 when he founded his own modern dance group, the Berger Dance Company. At the time, this was the only professional dance company that tried to establish modern dance in Hungary without official support. His thirst for lnowledge took him to the European Dance Development Center in Arnhem in 1994. When he returned to Hungary in 1997 he founded his second dance company, Zéró Balett. He was a founding member of L1 Independent Dancers Partnership, a unique collective of 7 choreographers which was active between 2000 and 2010. Gyula now focuses on his own dance company, on collaborative projects with other artists and continues to teach his self-developed dance technique called ‘Body Friendly Technique’.

‘Cream, kiss and more’:   ‘Almost 3′:
‘Vermont Counterpoint’:   ‘Cake, wine, dance, sex’:



2014. szeptember 24. 20.00  Barnes Crossing, Köln
2014. október 14. 19.30  Régi Zsinagóga, Szeged
2014. október 15. 20.00 Bakelit Multi Art Center