In the name of the company the word ZERO refers to our intention to start from the mysterious centre, as ZERO is the
place for transformation: it is the place where negative numbers turn into positive, night turns into day, virtual becomes
real. Thus ZERO also becomes the symbol of the creating process, since in this process we attempt to reveal something
that was so far hidden, we aspire to make a bridge between spiritual and corporeal.

The history of the company
Following an about 10 years of training in ballet, folk dance, jazz and modern dance techniques Gyula Berger entered
the Hungarian dance scene in 1984 when he founded his own modern dance group, the Berger Dance Company.
At those times it was the only professional group, working without official support but on a regular base,
trying to establish modern dance in Hungary.

Gyula has constantly been looking for new ways of moving and composing and finally this thirst for knowledge took him
to the Netherlands, to the European Dance Development Center, Arnhem. Returning to Hungary in 1997 he founded his
second company, Zero Ballet and he participated in the foundation of a unique dance-theatre formation,
the L1 Independent Dancers’ Partnership.

Nowadays Zero Ballet consists of up to 8 dancers. We are working in the recently founded cultural center,
the Juranyi Production Public House where the Zero Ballet studio gives place not just only to company work,
but to different dance classes also.

Creative staff and management:
Founding and artistic director: Gyula Berger
Choreographer: Gyula Berger
Manager: Boglárka Cziglényi (past), Agapé Szkárosi (present)
Composer: Attila Szabó
Video & photo: Krisztián Fehér
Light designer: Balázs Szabon

Andrea Lakat
Alex Miklósy
Nóra Nemcsók
Linda Péter
Flóra Eszter Sarlós
Viktória Sipos
Zoltán Péter Szabó

Current Repertoire:
INfluenSation (2014)
Technokol (2014)
Cake, Wine, Dance, Sex (2013)
The middle of the sound (2012)
Enter / Windows 2012 (2011)

Present cooperations:
Your body - My landscape - collaboration project with Dutch performer, teacher, choreographer Roos van Berkel.
Teaching exchange program and creating new work together.

Hopes & Memories
– creating a contemporary opera in cooperation with l’Association pour le Festival Musiques Interdites,
an organization from France. The project is funded by the European Culture Programme, Gyula Berger is the choreographer.

Presented works:
The middle of the sound (2012)
Enter / Windows 2012 (2011)
The merry metronomes (2010)
567 C.O.O.L. (2010)
Open your eyes… (2008)
Feminine (2008)
Murder the duck! (2007)
Gullscream (2007)
Purple desert (2006)
Just 3 (2004)
My inhibition onto you! (2004)
Cream, kiss and more (2003)
Almost 3 (2002)

Venues in Hungary where the company performed:
Jurányi House
National Dance Theatre, Budapest
Millenaris Theatre, Budapest
MU Theatre, Budapest
Bakelit Multi Art Center, Budapest
Móricz Zsigmond Theatre, Nyíregyháza
Malom Film-Theatre, Jászberény
Old Synagogue, Szeged
Pécsi Harmadik Színház, Pécs

 Main supporters:

 Ministry of Human Resources, L1 Association, National Cultural Fund, Bakelit Multi Art Center, Workshop Foundation, Púder Bar Theater and Gallery

Aloldalak (1): Members